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Smokehouses - steam smoke chambers

Food Smokehouse


The steam-smoking method further developed by AUTOTHERM is especially suitable for effective production of hot-smoked products.

The transfer of smoke by means of condensation on the products to be treated achieves fast and uniform smoking with incomparably low weight losses. 

The smoke colour of the products treated with STEAM-SMOKE is extremely colour stable and cannot be washed off either with water or with steam.

The steam and smoke mixture is soot-free and carcinogenic benzo(a)pyrene is hardly detectable. 

The lower weight loss compared to traditional smoking methods makes this process extremely economical and the payback period extremely short. These advantages have also been confirmed by independent institutes.

The short smoking times enable a steam smoke generator to be connected to up to three smoking units (with max.4 trolley); this cuts the investment costs. The microprocessors controls the smoke supply to the three units fully automatically. All units are available with waste gas cleaning systems (catalytic afterburner, filtersystem or condenser ).

AUTOTHERM customers worldwide value the advantages of the steam smoke system.

Of course AUTOTHERM smokehouses also can be delivered with traditional wood-chip smokegenerator